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New! SR-5124
EONIC’s SR-5124 offers you a highly integrated system for ELINT, COMINT or both! Simultaneous recording of multiple channels, playback while record and 400 MBPS sustained recording speeds.
Zoom in on the channels during recording, with an intuitive user interface.
The SR-5124 is available today to meet the intelligence challenges of tomorrow.

Go here for more information on SR-5124.

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Need to capture, detect, monitor, record and analyze the most complex signals?


Looking for data acquisition systems for SIGINT,COMINT, FISINT,Telemetry and ELINT?


We have the solutions. Our Series 3000 are COMINT loggers and recorders. The Series 5000 provide ultra high-speed SIGINT data acquisition capabilities. Our Series 7000 are the world’s most advanced ELINT Pulse Analysis (PDW) Systems.


Looking for dynamic range?
EONIC is a world leader in spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) and signal to noise (SNR). Our COTS systems offer SFDR and SNR at levels so far known only at chip-level


Looking for compatibility with MARTES, X-MIDAS, SignalWorks and other analysis tools?
Our systems read and write MARTES, BLUE-MIDAS, X-MIDAS and other analysis programs compatible data. Acquired signals can be analyzed in real-time or stored for off-line analysis. MARTES headers and raw data can be exported separately to maintain security of data during transport.


EONIC is a global supplier of best-of-class signal acquisition systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance applications. We are one of the world's leading providers of technologically advanced signal collection and analysis systems in the EW industry. We supply a complete line of SIGINT, ELINT, FISINT,COMINT and Data Acquisition Systems which are used to intercept, identify, locate and analyze radar, milcom and satcom signals for a variety of military needs, including intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance, precision targeting, situational awareness and threat warning. For more information contact EONIC at or register here.

Designed to capture, detect, monitor, record and analyze the most sophisticated signals, EONIC products offer solutions today to the intelligence challenges of tomorrow.

EONIC – digitally mastering the spectrum.

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