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Transient Recorder

Transient signals have irregular properties, and for this reason, transient recorders need to support many special requirements including high accuracy and large data storage. Transient recorders, like EONICís ELINT Recorder are scalable and expandable. The number and dimensions of channels can be expanded and adjusted, depending on the analysis requirements. A transient signal is an analog signal which lasts for a very short duration of time and normally occurs only once or very infrequently

The frequency spectrum has a periodic structure with zero force at n/T intervals where n is an integer and T is the duration of the transient signal. The frequency range where the transient signal can be analyzed accurately is from 0 Hz to a frequency f after which the signal magnitude decays by 10 to 20 dB. High SFDR and SNT numbers are important for capturing transient signals. EONICís transient recorder provides just that.

The bandwidth and sampling rate required to capture a transient signal depends on the fastest phenomenon of the rise time. If the rise time of a transient signal is known then the bandwidth required to capture the signal accurately can be calculated.

The Transient Recorder of EONIC digitizes analog signals, both random as well as deterministic, at high speed and high resolution.

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